In relations to what deemed to be a bureaucracy even within one’s heart , shall be deemed as baseless at times . This is to my understanding of what LOVE is …

L – Love is REAL .
O – Only to The REALists .
V – Veiling and Unveiling the truth is ALL about LOVE .
E – Endless Desire and Passion to .

And as for the rest of the indefinite truth , it is already all around you .

FEEL it ,

None is too little to understand actually , when we realize that LOVE is the REAL reason to be leaping forward , then , THAT is the only reason for maybe some or a few in this lifetime that I met would carry on fighting for …

Sometimes ,  it’s just the storm that is brewing within one’s thought that calibrate the mind and heart to become more conspicuous of the surroundings . And it’s not that ‘that’ is the reason to start putting the blame all around . Pointing fingers of someone’s or anyone’s fault is as easy … But to know one’s situation and the scenarios that they’re going through at their present moment may differ from your judgement of what you may perceive of the character of a ‘victim’ .

Look deeper into their thoughts and imagine what it would feel like to be in their shoes , should you feel that you are lesser then them . It is not for me to judge a person’s why’s and how’s but to reveal the truth about a certain someone that may have been the cause of your destructive environment and thoughts is just a ‘passing’ of remarks and statement of ‘truth’ .

When your consciousness ‘awakens’ , you are in convergence with your higher thoughts … Your higher being . The creation of your thoughts only awakens when you are in deep thought , through your most deepest inner voice , you will see and hear at times that those who throws stones at you are making you stronger by the heartbeat . Emotionally stronger . Even when they only dare to throw stones behind your back . Talk is as what they say , ‘CHEAP’ and the most valuable lessons in life that you could ever heed from are from the experiences you received from the UNI-verse .

When you can ONLY measure a certain degree of a typical character of another Allah’s creation , it gives you the reflection of the character YOU are . It would be just a doctrine if I say that we live for a cause and our causes are for the ‘family, maintenance of everything that’s in your life etc …’ . Throughout our life’s journey , we mostly are being programmed to perceive and receive what is being taught to us by our forefathers , schools , government etc etc etc … But little do we know , only those chosen few will see life differently . Perceiving nature far different from many . Seeing people around not with the naked eyes , but with the naked truth .

To Be Continued .



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