Heard it over the radio about what matters more in our lives,

‘Money’ or ‘Love’ ?

Well, as usual, with predicaments running all over this ‘almost’ a dead soul, I made a pretty good judgement all those while. 🙂 . Life’s made up of many needs and requirements. To say the least, ‘MONEY’ is the essence of all that lives in this era and is not at all relevant during those old days…

My point of view,

It’s ALWAYS ‘LOVE’ that comes first… The ‘Chain’ reaction of what we do from the start will always have the ‘DOMINO’ effect. And I tend to agree with Sara of LiteFM this morning. Here’s how I see things about ‘LOVE’…

  1. With LOVE, everything comes clear conscious in your mind about the rest of the things that you want to do in life.
  2. Comes your commitment towards the relationship.
  3. Comes your submission that HE (Allah / God … Or however you want to put it) gave you LOVE within your heart to that special person so that you could be more responsible, responsive, attentive etc.
  4. Build what HE and The Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH) have asked of us as in the Qur’an about HALAL relationship and a family.
  5. Find the ‘MONEY’ you need (Unless you are being demolished by vandals, bandits, hooligans to make you go down and down and more down then before because of the ‘LOVE’ you have) to nurture the blessings of Allah, which is ‘LOVE’.
  6. And the rest that initiates ‘MIRACLE’ as all starts from LOVE.

From my point of view, but again, Only LOVE depicts a person’s character, a person’s credibility cos without LOVE, a person would be a demised creation of GOD, heartless, ruthless or as what they say in Bahasa Malaysia, ‘HATI KERING’.

Know what happens to these types of people …? Here’s a little definition of people with ‘HATI KERING’…

For some reasons that is knowned to me throughout my entirely life’s journey to date, those who doesn’t have the heart, fails to adhere to what has been set forth by HIM / ALLAH / GOD . We, for some reasons, one way, or the other, would just deemed life as just, ‘GO WITH THE FLOW’, meaning, whatever comes, even if it is WRONG to justify against the doctrines of ‘Religious’ or be it, ‘SOCIAL VALUES‘ point of view, will just rampantly become LOST. And at the griefing moment of losing HIM, we do the most obnoxious things that are so WRONG! And the ‘DOMINO’ effects starts to work it’s magic… We lose conscious of what we SHOULD or SHOULDN’T do. Of what is WRONG or what is RIGHT. There ain’t no rocket science about LOVE. LOVE is just that, LOVE.

Through LOVE, one knows the values of being:-

  1. Humble
  2. Gratitude
  3. Thankful
  4. Faith
  5. Loyal
  6. Sincere… And the rest which I should call it ‘RUKUN’ or in english, ‘PILLAR’.

In the ISLAMIC religion, we have the ‘RUKUN ISLAM’:-

(1) Mengucap dua kalimah syahadat
(2) Sembahyang lima waktu
(3) Berpuasa sebulan dalam bulan Ramadhan
(4) Menunaikan haji ke Baitullah (Mekah)
(5) Menunaikan zakat

And so does a sincere LOVE. It comes with what I’ve written above… THE BELIEF .

Well … More where it comes from .

To Be Continued .