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Me, My Music, My Life

It’s all about my world of music.

  • The History, how it all started…
  • The Making… yep! the 1st experience of being in a STUDIO.
  • The Concept… how it all happened and jump-started the whole concept of ‘Techno-Ethnic’
  • And most of all, the album itself… yeah well… wouldn’t you?

Well, if you’re still seeing this page for any reason at all after few days from now… means, I haven’t been updating… buzz me… REMIND please. Perhaps me, just getting tired of typing… 😉 .

And for all of y’all’s enjoyment… well, yeah, it’s kinda hard to find my cd albums in the stores now… so, this is my bit to share with all of you who had missed those times when the album was still around in the stores…

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http://www.facebook.com/hasnol .

And the rest is, well … all HIS .

Peace , Love and Blessings … From ALLAH .



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