Here again , on my another day of writing . While sitting and staring at some kids running around in this Mosque , flashbacks of me when I was a kid at that age just came around . How I
missed those days …

No cares …
No worries …
No … Thing

Just ‘ HAPPY ‘ !

No one can really tell where you would end up to be in your life , but I am very sure of this , Allah has plans for everyone , be it good or bad . Never resent what HE has given . Never question WHY HE gives you the things that HE does . Just be thankful that HE has not taken you away from this worldly earth as of yet … Cos that is when you know you still have time to make it right , still have time to get back to the right path . Still …

At the most brief moment of my ‘ social ‘ consciences , ALL predicaments just came to light . Just came to BE .

I AM :-
– Of nature’s wealth .
– Of all bewildered truth .
– Of flesh and blood .
– Of earth that I am made of .
– None but so little to GIVE .
– But so much to ask from HIM .
– THE ULTIMATE TRUTH that GOD exists in OUR hearts !

I have foregone many contradictories in my life to have what I may see as the DOGMA of living conscious within conscious . A state of dream but in reality it is not but REAL . THESE are the concoctions of dreamer’s salutation to The ONE . The ONLY .

And MY life’s dedication is towards HIS undying LOVE , and those inhibits the reality are always in the state of doom , whereas when you turnaround to and seek your devotion in HIM … You will always find the courage , The PATH to hereafter . Infinion .

I may have lost myself for a certain period of time but … It was only because that ‘ pearl ‘ which I have found is hard to clean and shine it to BEcome beautiful again . To BEcome what Allah have always promised me how it could be . A mistake ? Perhaps … But whose ?

And as I lay down my head on the cement of this mosque , just by a pole with the words written clearly ,  ” ALLAH is ever KNOWing of what you do or don’t , So pray that HE shall remember you always within your PRAYERS ” .

HE is the ONE of KNOWING …
– What before
– What after
– And all above
– With ALL below .
– With all in front
– And ALL from the back

HE will KNOW … Even if you shall a THOUSAND years worth of DARK secrets away from the minds of ‘ OTHERS ‘.

Ya Allaah ! Ya Rahmaan !
Ya Allaah ! Ya Raheem !
Ya Allaah ! Ya Azeez !
Ya Allaah ! Ya Qudduus !
Ya Allaah ! Ya Salaam !

I AM NONE but your servant !
I AM NONE but your creation in my utmost humility !

Bless please , to those who have done me right !
Bless please , to those who have done me wrong !

Let my heart speaks to YOU in YOUR graciousness .
Let my soul weeps for YOU at all times I AM lost …

SubhanAllaah ! Alhamdulillah ! Laa ilaa ha IllAllaah ! Allahu Akbar !


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