Heheh … The title went out as fast as I wanted to write . But … It went out first instead . 
Anyway , the main reason why I wanted to key this down is because of :-

  1. Explaining of the word ‘ ill feeling ‘ . ( The origin and how it starts , from my understandings within ) .
  2. Why and how we actually become ‘ RUTHless ‘ despite that’s what Allah forbids us from doing .
In any kind of relationships , be it between siblings , parents , relatives or even between married couples … We tend to get into some kind of a fight , sometimes , a feud , qualms between , quarrels or maybe some unsettled issues that might take a little time to actually solve it . There’re always remedies and solutions to any problems or so it seems to be .

Looks like there is nothing unusual about falling in and falling out … Of what it seems to be the most obnoxious lies and deceits ever …or is it … ? At times , we tend to question our self-doubt about certain something . It’s only because of the dextrosity of a calamity done … But , again ! Again and again and again ! … So when does it end , actually ? So , where does it lead us to … ? It is no big thing if one truth is elevated from transparencies . But once it becomes a whole book of lies , you will see it through their eyes . And that is the truth ! So , in actual fact , the 3 T’s in a relationship are actually the most basic form of understanding that may seemed to be diminished by all ‘ worldly ‘ constituence .
  1. Truth
  2. Transperancy
  3. Trust

And , in whatever case there may seemed to be , the most ruthless will be towards one’s attitude in having transparency to one’s feelings and emotions . Of course , ‘ Trust ‘ only comes after that … Yeah ! Who would ever know that I would be blogging again huh ? Well , I AM ! 
Since there isn’t any avenue to justify for me to open up what’s locked up deep inside and of course , with the situation that I AM in , it makes it even harder to come clean with what’s happening outside of ‘ me ‘ .
I AM … Within an uncharted territory .
And so , the adventure begins as they would say it . It really begun , but , at the same time I am looking at myself seeing so much of lies and deceits . And so called , this freakin’ chap from a so called Cyber-Nuisance authority has really made it for me … And so it seems to be . I heard that saying before ,  and I know that would happen somehow rather .
I saw that character before , but it was only in my dreams back those years …
A sweet looking character , Seducing looks , eyes like magnet , just attracts you like how you never wanted before … And there you are ! Already in it !! Drawn in … But what’s next ???
And in fact , when you are all over , the character of opting out , searching … Looking out … Is there in the eyes . That looks in the eyes of wanting something more when that ‘ more ‘ is already there ! Right in front !  … 
Or maybe that Cyber-Nuisance guy was only trying to help me to see , but I refused to believe … Refused to understand . Why ? Could probably be because I was told of  what ‘ I needed to hear ‘ , ever since and until today …
A RUTHless heart will come to a stage when ‘ ALL is CRIED OUT ‘ ! But am not going to let this writings be the winnings of the opposite in terms of ‘ it ‘ followed what I wrote … And tries to psychologically reverse the process of what is being done to me … You’ve had your fair chance of trying to change ! Don’t pin it back at me ! And NO … ! 
This isn’t in the PAST ! It’s HERE and It’s NOW !
If you ain’t waking up , I ain’t stoppin’ to say the truth either … BELIEVE IT !
Watch yourself , Before you BREAK yourself !


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