Aaa yes ! Movie I’ve been waiting to watch , ‘ Red Faction : Origins ‘ . The movie which has almost the same storyline and plots like the game , ‘ Command & Conquer ‘ , one of my favorite games on my workstation / desktop / laptop . At least , it used to be , back many , many years ago .

The convention of naming what and how and what we encounter and feel are sometimes , unusually strange . The structure to every ‘ feel ‘ is very complex and yet , we only understand the very basic of our ‘ Feel ‘ings .

Feelings of :
– Love ( Generally speaking … We’ll get to that later )
– Caring of someone .
– Anger .
– Frustrations .
– Tired / Fedup .
– Empty … Etc .

We try to regulate our channels and frequencies of emotions to a certain point , a certain degree of something , just to forget certain areas of our lives that causes pain and psychological trauma .

There are also many parts of our lives and within those parts and years of ‘ being and living ‘ that makes us felt very much alive and very much … ‘ I ‘ . You see , from my point of view about life , ‘ I ‘ , is a very POWERFUL noun . It makes you for what you are . The very essence of your DNA structure !

– Thoughts .
– Actions .

– Passion .
– Drive etc .

Come to a point of time , when the implosion within your emotion is just unbearable , you will feel the surge of energy flowing in you , resenting to the ‘ Negative ‘ vibrations that you feel around you . Well , with a long intro as above , I know you are feeling it too , the vibration of ‘ reaching out ! ‘ … Yes ! I AM trying to reach out . Ask someone , ask anyone , from within l comes without . How could I point out  what I AM going through when I AM emotionally locked down .

Emotionally LOCKED down .

There are times when the storm’s that’s raging within you seemed very crazy . And yet you try to calm it down by means of distractions , by means of diversions … By means of escapade ( Escapism ) of the heart . when you find a little something just to get yourself those dosage of the so – called natural amphetamines . Don’t even go there as they would always say . Well … Come to a point of time when a conclusion made is a decision reached .

Can’t judge nor can you ever decide of who is right or who is wrong when the situations just needs adjustment . What needs ? Situations … People … Attitude … Character … ? In Bahasa Malaysia , it is ‘ ADAB ‘ , ‘ AQIDAH ‘ , ‘ AKHLAK ‘ and the beliefs in IMAAN differentiates us from the rest of the pack . The rest of the world …

Here’s my word what truth means ,


So , after all that is said about The Storm within , it is what without seems to be The NEW Order ! Whatever WRONG that you see happening without would be seen as the fault is yours within … In my next blog , I will even insert charts , process flows , MY mind-mappings of ;

1) The Raging Storm
2) During The Storm
3) As The Hurricane Subsides 

Yeah , I know … Sounds extreme . IT IS !


As facebook is my source of information , some of it , at least . I write my blogs and I share it back on facebook . Nd to those who knows me personally , follow … As what I write just might , and I’m saying just might be THE ONLY SOURCE of REACHING OUT …

Bless Be ! And may ALLAH protect us within HIS Kalimah all ways .

I blog with BE Write


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