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Morning , and as I sip my morning COLD black coffee at a place called , WHITE Coffee , 🙂 , my mind wanders off to the process of healing one’s emotions which takes quite a journey in time . Especially if the conscious says that whatever that the heart feels is the rings of ‘ Trust ‘ . One may say that is an illusion or distraction but how can one deny the fact that the ‘ heart ‘ actually belongs to the ‘ higher self  ‘.

We should not take for granted of the signals or that resonance that is sent from the higher self . That is what makes you , YOU . It takes a whole lot of years to mend a broken and as what I would say, heart . When you are given the choice to heal yourself from certain pains and instead , you choose to go with the flock of your ‘ emotions ‘ to breed the life of your soul , you start to indulge yourself in a ‘ Traumatic ‘ scenarios .

The title of this blog speaks for itself .

All of us are given the ‘ Instinct ‘ to live by and these instincts are sometimes superficial and at times , you know that your instincts would save you from a lot of trouble in the near future . Or so , it seems to be . Let us dive a little further and deeper to what I term this as ‘ Basic Instincts ‘ .

Some are given a whole life of instincts in business as in ‘ Business Accumen ‘ .
Some are given a whole life of instincts in human relations .

And many more are given the most wonderful gift from ‘ Allah ‘ , The LORD , The CREATOR , The Life GIVER and The TAKER .

As what is being done by most ‘ Traditional Doctors ‘ , so to speak is ‘ Scanning ‘ .

We should NEVER believe in what other ‘ humans ‘ that are being created by HIM in whatever that they ( The Doctors ) should be saying in their predictions or predicaments . The guide that ALLAH has given us are actually in ‘ emotions ‘ , ‘ feelings ‘ . Those are the very few secrets that ALLAH has given to each and every creations of HIS . Instincts differs from one to the other , and sometimes , some of us just refuse to believe that , THAT is the greatest GIFT from HIM … And are afraid to use it . Most of the time , it is only because you just want to ‘ LIVE the MOMENT ‘ .

THIS , is my take and my point of view after a lot of readings through many sites and books about Self-Healings etc .

At one point of time or another , you will have to submit to your ‘ higher self ‘ that what is meant to be , IS MEANT TO BE . And it is all for the goodness of hereafter and not within this lifetime on this worldly earth.

Back to ‘ Scanning ‘ ; From my understandings , Psychologists are the real ‘ Scanners ‘ . What they do for a living is to actually understand you in a micro manner . To understand your LIKES , your FEARS , your PAINS , your deepest DESIRES etc . This usually takes a little bit of time within understanding ‘ A ‘ person , ‘ COHESIVELY ‘ .

We usually look at a person in the eyes and read their body language either it is in positive mode or otherwise .
POSITIVE : Receptive and are willing to listen and is comfortable with you .
NEGATIVE : Reluctant to hear and always try to get out of whatever that you try to engage with the other person to do or to speak . Makes as if you are not even there , at times . (Just a figure of speech ) .

There are no miracles or magic in how we read a person’s character or in short , ‘ Scanning ‘ . It is just that , when you are gifted to SEE through your visions of your heart , you would see greater reflections of ALLAH , The CREATOR . When you look through the eyes that Allah has made for you , you would only see the things that HE has made in this ‘ DUNYA ‘ / ‘ Worldly Earth ‘ .

See it through your eyes in your heart , sometimes you don’t even have to open your real eyes to feel around you . That is why the ‘ Blind ‘ has a better instinct then the one who has visuals of the REAL world .

To BE Continued in awhile … I wanna sip my Coffee and make it more interesting after this .