It is truly intensifying at times to actually feel the beckoning of one’s despair.

And as the title goes… today is the ‘Ace of Sword’.

The Ace of Swords card suggests that my power today lies in cause and effect. With great power comes great responsibility. Do the right thing or state the obvious and the ‘pen will be mightier than the Sword.’ The truth will set me free. It’s the principle of the thing. Get it in writing. I am empowered by intention and my virtue is my promise, commitment or vow.

This is the true signs of ‘LAWS of CAUSE and EFFECTS’, you do something out of either injustification of thoughts or perhaps the minority of ‘impulse’, there would certainly be the rise of the ‘domino effect’. Though we try to hide our utmost fears and thoughts, still, most of the time or perhaps all of the time, we are always in the state of ‘denial’ through what we have written or what’s been said and done, and through that, we almost certainly will be making a vow to ourselves that tomorrow will either be a better day or tomorrow could be the ‘LAST’.

Come to think about it, I have always been in touch with myself rather then the outside world, and I am almost certain that when I am with myself, I find serenity, peace and strength. Questions that I’ve asked, I have always asked myself and myself alone. Never once have I tried to actually come out of the cage and start wandering my questions around.

Timid or an introvert as I can be, or what the rest of the world would say, this is what I am. I am no more better or no less weaker then anyone else in this world, it’s just that, thoughts that surrounds my everyday life are thoughts that surrounds my entire decision-making times. Now, even as I tried to wake up in the midst of reality, I wold most certainly be back and couped up in my little tiny space of safety and security. I am destructive of my own doings and shall not hurt others by magnetising them into my world of fantasy and make-beliefs.

Of course, fictions and mythologies of life arrives only when we are awakened by the apocalypse of one’s security of the future.

Nevertheless, anger will always be the only one factor that makes or breaks a human. Not one thought from anyone’s mind can ever change that. The rest… is history.

Well, I think nature has it’s ways of showing or revealing itself in weird and peculiar ways. Maybe one day, human kind will start to understand how the mind really works. We are but a miniature universe within us and that makes our minds the ‘Master’ of our own universe within.

Watching movies such as ‘Artificial Intelligents’ and the likes makes me wonder, if such a portrayal of that sort is already being thought by man, would there actually be ways of communications via ‘telepathy’? Would there actually be moments that we are actually transcending towards a higher grasp of knowledge, a higher thoughts of beliefs?


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