When there was true leadership, the world despise them,
When there weren’t fair treatment, people seek them,
When we seek peace, they chose to go to war,
When there’s no country, they dominate them…

Lots of untold stories about how the world leaders evolves around each other. I feel so sad when I found out that Benazir was brutally slain. A truly devoted woman to a family and to leadership of the country. All of that because of a ‘higher’ agendas that’s been around before time.

On this blog call, I send my condolences to the late’s family and prayers be upon her that she would rest in peace. Curse those who were told to do what they did to her.

Rest in Peace, once a beautiful leader.

Hey Bush… what’s up with you and your guys anyway? Why do you keep putting us back to the old drawing board…?


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