We orginate,

He creates,

They communicate.

When I’ve passed the segment in life wondering what’s next could be, I came to a juncture of eliminating possibilities… eliminating opportunities. My mind works in a tight compartment / confinement. When this happens, so does all my senses and balances to create the creativity inside me.

As I keep journeying along the tight corridors of thoughts, I learned to pickup the details which I’ve lost once before. And at many a time, I felt the sense of being obliterated into nothingness. When your mind starts to juggle between the ‘evil’ and ‘angelic’ events in life etc.

Well, as opposed to things that we realised, there are things and I believe many more things that we’ve not realised that we are able to do. The potential, the limitless borders to transform how the world would be like through our tiny individual minds. I guess, what lacked man behind is the state of ‘REFUSAL’. It’s in short, when all else fail, we start to dominate the sense of negativity, the sense of senseless and unbalance ‘CHI’ or energy within us.

Make the best out of what we have, as I would always say. It’s never an easy task to pick up the broken pieces, but it’s always easy to let the broken pieces go astray if we are not careful of our ‘self-realization’ or ‘self-discovery’.

Perhaps this was just thoughts that I have that I wanted to jot down knowingly that I, for once kept losing faith of what could transpire when the ‘STARS are aligned’.

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