Looks like whatever that’s causing me the most pain is actually how I see this world reacts to my action. I guess, it’s just being a grain of sand among the sand and taking it like a pinch of salt. Having to learn thru life what I had or should already known is not the issue here, it’s the public perception towards one’s privacy… why does it matter so much for the rest of the world to bother what we do, how we do it… or do they actually have to terminate one’s dream simply because of the mistakes they have and still living through…?

What makes a ‘tough guy tumble’? It’s easy… a tough guy is not so tough when it comes to their deepest thoughts, phobia, anxieties… what different does it make if they should reduce the effect of the ‘effects’. It’s like the mosquito buzzing right around your ears, irritating you with noises that could make you go berserk.

I can see sometimes that whatever transpired from either the web, emails that I received, comes back to sarcasm, but it’s indirect however, perhaps its just how I perceived things that are happening against things that is due to happen. I want to make the best out of what life can offer and I still believe that there is an entity, a being or somebody that will understand my empathic views.

I can but I am not. I want but I could not.
Be a thieve and steal ideas. Gamble and keep on gambling.

I am still here, I am still trying, I am still coping.

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