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Yup!! The BIG Day’s around the corner. And as usual there’ll be more of the so-called adverts, promos, blitz and whatever you may call it going down to the Election Day. “Have you registered to vote?”, a friend uttered to me indecisively. “Uhuh…”, I replied. “So, what are you voting for?”, he asked, And this was my answer in a quick mode. “I don’t know really, is it ‘What’ are we voting for or ‘Who’ are we voting for…?” I answered.

Both of us were staring and looking at each other in a daze… Yeah! Really!! I am kind of confused with the state of ‘Political’ situation the country’s in right now.
Big PURSEonality

Too many uncertainties and too much controversial matters that I have heard around that really gave me the goosebumps. “Undila ‘Roket’!” Someone said to me. So I guess, when we vote for the rocket, we were actually voting through our consensus that those people inside the party are rocket spirited leaders who could really drive our nation to the stars and moon…

I wonder, if it is a weighing scale… then it should be a balanced political situation… errr… right? And if it is a white moon, we’re gazing the powers of beyond… err… right? And if we’re voting the blue eye, then, we’re supposedly voting for our human rights… Hummm… These are the questions that surrounds each and everyone of us today… Who are the better ones? Should we make that move of putting another leadership on top of our head or… should we just stay with what has ruled and guide us for donkeys of years or should I say the beginning of time?

To be left out is just as much the same as to vote for something that you know won’t win. And in this case, no matter how further the opposition parties vote counts are, I am pretty sure that it’ll fall back to square one. MAKE or BREAK!! Sigh!! 37 years of being alive in a peaceful Malaysia and despite that I have not seen what actually happened during the 13th May riot in 1969, I still believe that Malaysians have capabilities of being unite as one and no propagandas in racial, religious nor constituency issues.

I have many friends from many different cultures whom I could get along really good despite our differences in ways of teachings and ways of up-bringing….

And the question here again now,

  • What makes us think that the current government leadership can still do what has been done since our Independance Day?
  • What makes us think that a new government leadership would not be as good if not better then the current?

I sincerely believe in Freedom of Choices, Freedom of Speech, and the Freedom of believing. It iswhen you believe that you can make that difference that the rest will just follow into place. We are no better then our weaknesses nor our strength if we do not have the faith to make the right choices in life.

These… are just my point of views. There’s no need for me to just be questioned by these so-called current pro-government authorities. You can check whether I’ve been in any riots before… or if I have attended any opposition rallies ever. Don’t make me win the Million Ringgit suit if I should be put into ISA because of this blogging. That would only show your weaknesses of having the authority to slam dunk the weaker.

“VOTE For Your Rights!” and NOT “It’s your RIGHT to VOTE”


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