Of all the things in this world… it has to be “Jealousy and Power Craze“.

I for once, am certainly appalled with the real truth that I found out last night. I really am intrigued with all the human qualities… anger, jealousy, happy, content, hatred, love etc.

Let’s get on with it….

It was 9:30pm and I decided to go to somebody to seek help. Off I went with my old folks and wife. As I reached to the place, the only question that I was so eager to ask was, “Do you know and can you see what is really happening and who is doing it?”, I asked.

And so the questions answered.

All of us, my family and my wife were SHOCKED out of our consensus… my younger brother’s wife???? Of all the people in this world??? WHAT was she thinking? WHAT the HELL got into her? WHY would she ever want to do that???

YES! In our desperation moments to seek the truth and with HIS help, finally, truth prevailed. For the past few years that my brother was married to this lady, a Penangite “Anak Dara Tua“… things were going haywire for me, my parents and … I was still wondering what went wrong? Our relationship gone sour, I keep on arguing with my parents, the feeling of anger and frustration towards them for shutting me out completely out of their lives and so on… And also towards my better half, it was never a peaceful day that we went through for the past few years…

And in reality, this was the truth as been said by the person we met and confided.

And she said, “This person is really angry and jealous of the things you’ve (ME) got. And at any cost, she will see that you (ME) will fail in life and fall flat to the ground indefinitely. She will break your family (MY FAMILY) apart because she wants to be in the limelight, she wants to be the center of attention in the family. She wants all of you (ME AND MY FAMILY) to look up to her. And with all that matters in this world, she is trying to kill you (ME) slowly until there’s nothing left of your belongings in this worldly earth.”

We (My whole family) were amazed and shocked of our lives to learn that it could come to this stage. We gazed in confusion to each others eyes as we tried to find answers to our unanswered questions all this while.

I believe that this world has the karma effect. What goes around WILL come around. And with that notion in mind, I refrained from thinking about vengeance, revenge etc. I would be no better then she is if I start to do all this unethical voodoo spells what not. I will move on with my life as opposed to theirs in bid to carry on surviving my family and in ways that is consented by HIM and not destroying other’s life the way she did to mine.

We are still in shock of what has happened and we definitely learned from this. There are unseen things in this world that we do not believe in that we should take note to learn to believe. Boy, I’ve seen things… some weird things off lately… but, with HIS might, thank god, I’ve pulled through out of it. She will get a piece of her own medicine… someday…