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Gee whizz… It’s been pretty slow of lately… and it’s been awhile too. At one time I could see all the things around me whooping flash in split second… and now, I feel like I am moving like a snail… :LOL:.

I have surfed many websites reading about being one with The ONE… getting to know ourselves… and I could make out of only one thing….”When we try to find something too hard and too desperately, we will get lost even further then we ever did before.”

After much self fighting and having psychological warfare, I have regained sights and consciousness from the looping blackhole of ‘LIFE’. Life is all about what you make out of it while you can and when you can. With all of the readings and findings, I truly believe that when we listen with our hearts (Qabl), even the sound of a pin drop thousand miles away is like someone shouting at you 2 feet away from your ear lobes…

Being a stranger in a strange place is far different then being familiar in a peculiar area. You try to congregate with anything and anyone that you see and/or meet to carry on with the best offers that life can give, and sometimes those offers can be devilishly tempting. While all else tries to gain further, we are obliterated from the memories of others due to the ever encompassing seasonal explosion of emotions and psychedelic change of hearts, so to speak. Experimentally, most of us still prefers walking on the wires of human emotions experimentation which proves to be the most satisfying to one’s desire. How do I mean and what do I mean…? The most logical aspects of revenge or having to hate someone’s guts is to make them fall.

How do you do that? Study their characters… study about what they like, what they dislike, what are the common facade that he or she face through everyday in and everyday out. Who are with them all the time, who are their family members, what they drive, when they drive them, what they own, when did they owned them… watching every seconds of their lives as they go cuckoo and banana…These are all pre-tactical psycho warfare tactics of victim’s opponent when they least expect of things that might happen… remember the rule… Sleep with your enemy as if they’re the only ones left in this world… and always stay true to your friends…

Nehh… I have long past of having friends… as one of my friend once said… Once the particular friend plays them out, friends will still be friends, but only ‘teh tarik’ friends ‘LAH’. That’s where the abbrev. TT… Grand TT bla bla came along. Hey! They’re not your friends… these friends wants to see your progress… what you are doing and whether you will be any good to/for them to take advantage of. BULLOCKS!! And most of us think that being a part of all these so-called nonsense would rake us up a point higher among ‘friends’… bwahahaha!! nehh… I guess most of you would already know the tactics of ‘Networking’.Well… I’ve grown tired of watching these serious mental attitudes that surrounds me through my everyday life… be it among friends, relatives, cousins, siblings, politicians… they’re all just mind-benders. In the end, we lose ourselves in the midst of hips of stupid feelings that others have, just because we have made it somewhere. And that’s why I idolize DSAI. No matter what or who that might come into his path, and no matter how long it may take, when it comes to prevailing the truth, he is on it like a zombie trailing the human flesh.Here’s for the day…”Lack of money is never a problem, but lack of ideas are”Hokay… eyes growing tired, back’s aching… time to sleep off my life for the night.

Tomorrow… another day…To all, Good night.

Wassalaa mu’ Alaikum WBT.


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