Now, here comes another nasty tales from the dark side of human race. It’s all about those in the title above…

Hot damm… what will the human race start next… there’re already the wars, the destructions from bio-tech weaponries, also they’re already testing animals to b used s first line of defense… believe u me… when i say that. i guess, it has always been the ways of mankind to be destroying each other with the compositions of propagandas, bitching stories… etc etc etc…y does humans do that???? y is it that we have to kill the other person’s ideas, or life for that instance…? why?? WHY???

Have not human being have any mercy and compassion for the lives of others anymore…? you see, that’s the reason why i do not want to have too many friends, or friends if you may… WHY? they’re just bunch of humans who likes to evesdrop… listen and use stories to detriment the other party which is in this case, ME!sometimes i feel there’s too much weight on my shoulders that i do not want this life anymore… but thinking bout those who i will leave behind makes me wonder… how difficult it can be for those whom i will leave behind… my kids of course…dag nabbit! i m totally confused…!!!! what’s being alive all about when there’re always enemies in your dreams that u have to face each time u go to sleep. why do i say that? well, look at it this way, when u’re awake, u face them, errr… ur friends etc… but when u go to sleep, u’re wondering… still about them… and what will happen the next day, n it goes on and on and on… and on…HALT!

i know i can put a stop to this… stick 2 ur family… just wutever it is… stick to your family…. you’ll b safe from the slaughtering of ur mind… the dsgrace of joining these people to badmouth others… bitching bout the lives of others…And stop bickering… just do what you have to do in ur life and you’ll b alrite… just wish my grandpa was still alive… tho he was a hothead, but he has pride… he never lost till the day he dies… least thats how i look up to him… i will, i shall, i pray and i hope upon the best of life can give… or better put it this way… what HE has written in HIS will for me…my journey is as what HE has written in the scripts…HEAR NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL…let all the world around me shatters with EVIL things but i shall not indulge myself into one, insya’allahhhhh…


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