It’s been quite a journey for me through Ramadhan month. Being here in @summit_hotel_usj Subang Jaya has been a great experience after years of resting from the entertainment world. I thank you, @yayasanbinainsanmalaysia15 for letting me becoming part of their celebrity partner and million thanks to @dazrin88 @dazrinkamarudin for believing in his brother and to the staffs of Summit Hotel Subang Jaya… all of you have been kind and courteous to me while my stay there. A special thanks to my dear friend En. Din the General Manager, my friend Fauzi who has helped me throughout the Ramadhan shows every evening since 21st May until today, tonight. Madam Shelly of YBIM and Lyn… thanks much for your kindness and generosity… Dato Seri Chairman of YBIM… En. Sayak the Chief Chef of Summit Hotels and Resorts…

May ALLAH bless all of you with abundance of rahmat and berkat throughout the remaining Ramadhan days…

Salam Aidil Fitri from me and family.
Maaf Zahir Batin.



#artismalaysia #selebriti #malaysia #malaysian #celebrity #summithotel #subangjaya #viralniaga #ybim #charity #amal #kebajikan @hasnolgv (at Summit Hotel Subang USJ)

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