BismILLAH Ar Rahmaan Ar Rahiim.


You know that time has come when all of your effort and time has gone to a waste… and when you know it isn’t about commitment and responsibilities anymore but more of about how you feel……. inside.

What makes you feel good…
What makes you feel happy…
What triggers your good mood…

All… pretty much depends on who you surround yourself with. What makes you feel just a little tad better just by doing it. Well, I guess when the time ticks, you just don’t and won’t realize it… you just move along with the tides. But, at times… you have to realize that tides too, goes up and down. And so does our emotions.

And know what….?

Sometimes you feel so closed up inside, feel like bursting out but then you wait… you feel like exposing your most vulnerable side just to make people understand what you are going through… but you failed. You failed not because you didn’t want to express it… but more of trying to refrain from saying or defining what hurts you most. Just because you’re taking care of other people’s feelings… and you discarded yourself along the way.

And that is why…
Loving yourself is the utmost importance.
Because… only then, abundance starts to flow into your life.


I believe in what is destined by HIM can’t be changed but to accept it and for what lessons or anything else that HE brings with it that matters most.

For quite sometime now, I’ve been trying to close myself from saying what’s really on my mind because of all the lies and back stabbings that has been going on shows that I am on the wrong side of the road. Or at least that’s what’s ‘these’ people are blaspheming me about.

I respect myself now… enough to walk away from all of the uncondusive situations and scenarios. And so they say…

‘SO… BE IT!’

There’ll always be a new life that you will create in whatever circumstances that you are in.


Tawakkaltu alALLAH.
Laa haulawala quwwata illa bILLAAHil aliyyil adziim.

✌ ❤ and blessings.
Laitsa Kamithlihi Syai’uun.
Wahuwa ma’akum ainama kuntum.


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