Assalaamu’alaikum wmt …

A healthy Wednesday afternoon to one and all …

Here’s another day of days I lived by and will still go through just as long as I am still alive … In syaa ALLAH .

With all the conundrums and the ups and downs of one’s life , am sure it is partly a doctrine to say that peace is when you’re with someone that sooth your emotions … Someone that you find same interests with , or perhaps , otherwise .

Through my journey in life , I’ve found something much more valuable then that … Experience .

Without experience , you would and could say nothing … Without learning through them , you’ll never find peace . It’s what you believed in to be part of your life’s journey that is important for you to learn … For you to resolve into all the predicaments that life has thrown at you .

The lessons in life I’ve learned …

1. Learn from what has happened . Turn it into wisdom …
2. Not everyone that smiles at you is your friend … Or so they claim to be .
3. Those who spent time with you , usually ends up wanting something from you … In my case , it is …
4. Correcting a situation that is wrong may end up being even more wrong then it can be corrected . So , let go , live life … Let the universe guide you .
5. There won’t be anything wrong if you have learned from the wrong things you’ve done .
6. All is good when you remember ALLAH at all times …

In syaa ALLAH … I am in the mood of setting the records straight … Even when I know that the tides will be moving against me .

ALLAHu a’lam .

Have a great day , today … And have a wonderful moments of our lives even when you’re forced to smile …

B-ismILLAH …
Tawakkul Yaqeen .
In syaa ALLAH .

Wahuwa ma’akum ainama kuntum .

And so wherever you are , HE will BE .




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