Life will always keep chasing you with things that you don’t want , and the best is to keep on moving with all you’ve got . 🙂 .

It won’t stop for you but you could always pause and take a break … look around you . See what is significant for you to carry on with .

Sometimes , weight that we in visibly carry , emotionally , may not be as what we would portray it to be . But , it would be the best if we just pause and wipe away the dirts on our fleets and hearts .

I have come to a junction where things are not as it would seemed to be when it comes to emotional distress nor the deliberate of having an emotional stress out of no apparent reason .


So … here I AM … ready to forgive and ready to move on . 😉 .

Anymore questions … it would be irrelevant already .

And when the heart stops …


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