Well, I think, when things just gets out of hand, doesn’t mean that when you are not able to hold up something, you can be ousted in such ways that even an animal would find it detrimenting … No?

Ok, here’s a little something that I just want to share with all. Why? Because I sincerely ‘FEEL’ the need to have a clear expression of what I would like to say…

When you know that you are already at the edge of something that is as good as ’empty’… What would you actually do? How would you react to such situations and scenarios…? You could always walk the path of truth or the surreal side of life… But, then, you would be cheating right? To yourself? Rather then a fast approach to end things…? No…? I know, I always write in a very grey manner or likelihood, subtly conducive for the mind to absorb rather then to annihilate the very moment of reading pleasure… Hehe … 😀 .

All of us, I mean, each and everyone of us have qualities which another would not have. I’ve certainly came a long way of trying to comprehend and understand the way a human mind thinks when they are left with no options but to do things that are just towards condemnation of themselves… Hmmm… Look at whose quoting … 🙂 …

Anyway … s … Let us all listen to the sounds of nature . Once in awhile, listening to mother nature’s hymns and noises helps our minds and hearts to calm down even quicker.

Love and Blessings . Peace .


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