Oh Shenandoah …

ūüôā … Sometimes being lame is better then to be blamed . Lots of time, you get into the factual scenarios of putting ‘choices’ into ‘options’ and likewise, ‘options’ into ‘choices’. Some of us at times, deliberately drag on some situations just to click on the ‘Will it work?’ or ‘I’ll wait!’ craps. Scenarios like this would always put you into a¬†jeopardy¬†of ¬†knowing the wrong things that could make it right, or easier to understand, moving in to the choice of an ‘option’.



‘I’ for once, have this dire desire to have a conclusion that’s just not what I seemed to want, and knowing that, I seemed to malevolently ranting towards myself emotionally to drive to a FULL STOP and to know that any ’emotional’ state is fragile, be it when you’re sad, angry, love, pathetic, despised etc… I may have to become an i-Robot, where ’emotions’ are just ‘state’ of ‘being’. All are the ’emotional’ states that are vulnerable.

Lest being said that these are the little things that makes up to an ugly¬†mountainous¬†forms of ‘options’ or ‘choices’. Sometimes, when you are clad within a certain state of anger, frustration etc, defusing it takes many times of ‘realization’. Predictably, when you have eroded and bombarded yourself with questions after questions, scenarios after scenarios, practically speaking, you will be emotionally exhausted and perhaps, dead to a certain degree of being ‘alive’.

Yeah well, so much for being put into an ‘option’.

As the old saying goes,

‘When you are being put as an option, The first thing you need to do is, to narrow down of being an option, you have a choice of removing yourself to help them narrow down the option.’.

Option ? Take the Choice . Remove . Then the vision will not cloud your decision.




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