In our lifetime ,  there can never be a clear resolution to ‘ a ‘ problem per say , but all problems are meant to be resolved either way . However ruthless the situations maybe at hand , you know you just have to tiger on forward with what seems to be the most ‘ illusive ‘ state of ‘ present ‘ . One may say that ‘ Physical Endurement ‘ will always be the hardest and toughest in anyone’s life but I beg to differ . The casting of any ‘ issues ‘ or ‘ matters ‘ of the heart is clearly the ones that tests you most .

It has a way of putting your health into an extreme gambit that you wonder why there’s ‘ physical pain ‘ when you have not stressed your body in anyway at all . So , I would say that ‘ Emotional Endurance ‘ is clearly the  most obtrusive issue that one could have in their lifetime . Well ,  no one is actually invulnerable towards emotions or feelings … or in short , matters of the heart .

At times , what the public may perceive you as being totally ‘ predictable ‘ and ‘ happy ‘ , may not be the case ‘ internally ‘ . The phobias of loud noise , intrusion , invasion will always be the condiments that makes one heart possess the ‘ initial instincts ‘ to the emotions and feelings inside … Which , no one except you , yourself will feel it .

In the case of one’s journey in life ,  we could always take a look at a micro level and that is the journey ‘ within ‘ . Physical world seems to be seen as ‘ Reality ‘ whereas the capacity of one’s thought within may not be so ‘ Reality ‘ . Perceiving one’s thought of anything could be anything from making a decision to making a statement .

Some , rides through the thoughts , pretending that everything is alright and some may just pause and stop , and look at the overall matter as in , ‘ How could it or that be? ‘ . In any initiation processes of the thoughts , one may or would determine that it is just ‘ life ‘ , but very few others may see it as ‘ I could change this situation ‘ . And some may even call it the ‘ dextrosity ‘ from the higher callings . It’s the seeds of your thoughts . The beginning of any letters , alphabets , numbers , words , actions etc .

I have a lot to write but as of now , this shall I would say , Part 1 of the whole chemistry .


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