Is it just me??? This is beginning to get on my nerve!!

1st, there was this wise chap, Bala from Together there was Yang Jerng, the witty young man. Then, the group of Media 2.0….

The online conferencing and all with the brains around the world… hmmm…

Then… Traxx FM… even weirder….

So, what’s next??? I was thinking about the song Rockwell : Somebody’s Watching Me…. then they (Traxx FM) played the song… this is really weird… is that extra sensory or just me going absolutely knicker bonkers… heheheh…. am beginning to feel weirrrrdddd….

And all this from sangkancil group on googlegroup that’s been boo-ga-loo-ing with all these “Islamic Car” thingy with excerpts from what I would say, what I wrote on me bloggin’ facility… is surely giving me the goosebumps.

While listening to “Adrian Seet” rading the 4pm news…

I am Entering The Twilight Internet Zone…


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