The Harmonious Relationship Between The Holy Qur’an and Science

Found this article from the web. To those who would like to see the relations between Islam and Science…, this is a good website that I would recommend you to start off with.

Islam is a Lifestyle, Islam asks you to practice it humbly and the lifestyle that Islam portrays is very simple. Read the article from the link above and many of us will understand how Islam and Science is very closely related to each other.

Some of the excerpts extracted from the site:-


Islam has urged man to study and gain knowledge, because all sciences will ultimately lead him to the truth about God. That is to say the more the scientist acquires knowledge the more he gets to know God beyond any doubt; and thus he fears God and follows all His orders and instructions in all his actions. God says, in this respect:

سورة فاطر الأيات 27 – 28

Hast thou not seen how that God sends down out of heaven water and therewith We bring forth fruits of diverse hues? And in the mountains are streaks white and red ,of diverse hues, and pitchy black, men too, and beasts and cattle -diverse are their hues. Even so only those of His servants fear God who have knowledge; surely God is All mighty; All – forgiving.


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