Again we meet with HIS graciousness and with HIS might…

To start off… We have often find ourselves believing in the unseen where the unseen have always been the unbelievable… Well, believe u me… after much finding of what has ben happening in and around me, i have come to realize of the “life before life” and “life after life”… so to speak. Or, to put it in a layman’s terms, “Seeking Ourselves”.Questions….

Have we asked ourselves the true questions that we should ask… such as… Who are we and why are we here,what is this world… how did it started, is there life before life… is there life after life

  1. Have we really asked ourselves, what is our name and who is GOD?

  2. What is the purpose for this wholly world that we live in?

  3. Are we born to serve someone… or something?

  4. Do we know our parents?

  5. Do we know our siblings

And millions other questions that we would ask WHY, WHEN, WHAT, HOW etc…

Well, as we all know, life is just a loan… we are renting our body for the souls in it to live in and to do what is good and right for our souls. And, on the route to where we will live eternally, we are here of course for a reason… and all the people, things, machineries, equipments that we use around us are all there for a purpose and for a reason. Only we would know why, and only we would know how. But, as we walk through our lives, we will meet new friends, new things and stuffs that is GOD’s creations rather then men. Why do I say that? As we all know and as the scientists and professors would decipher it… mankind have evolved from the stone chipping to technology programming where we command machineries to do with inputs from what and how we teach it to move and work. So, in the end, who actually did all the work? YES, HE did! The ONE, THE most Gracious, The Most Forgiving and all the 99 names that is truly HIM and beyond words, HE is and forever will be.

There are many kinds of SUFISM that I know of and the 2 that I know are based on:-

2. The Walk to Learn and LOVE Ourselves.

I guess, most of us are already walking towards knowing ourselves and GOD.

  • Who is GOD?
  • What is GOD?
  • Where is GOD?

Why can’t we feel it… why can’t we touch him/her… why can’t we see him/her?

And yet, HE is all around us.. At times, I feel that I have been touched, I have been blessed without me noticing that HE did, but later in life, I see how HE works and made things work. And it all became too clear. There are too many that I would like to ask and find out and I wish for someone who could and would guide me in finding all the things that I would want to find out… Insya’allah.

Innaa lillaahi wa ‘inna ‘ilaihi raa jii unn.

From HIM we came and to HIM we shall return.


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