The 1st time I ever knew about unconditional love was when I was born, yes, a mother’s love. That was when I will always feel secure and enough. Yep! That was a mother’s love…

But as I grew up and came to my teens, I started to know about the love from friends, neighbours etc. I learned and keep learning about love as I grew up.

And as I turned into adulthood, there’s the other love that I begun to understand. The love that you would either bring it to the end of your life, or the kind of love that teaches you into your adolescents.

No matter how much you tried to deny it, you will receive the lessons that you need to receive through your partners, spouses, soulmates, twin flames… etc.

There’s a difference between commitment, being in love and having a soulmate or your twin flame during your being alive in this worldly earth. Not all relationships works out in the end. Not all connections are meant to be a lasting connection. And not all marriages are made to last due to certain circumstances and issues. But rest assure, life doesn’t stop there.

Each and everyone of us have the ability to manifest the kind of connection, marriage, partnership, love the way that we want. It is just that sometimes, We need to learn through the process of falling in, breaking up, falling out, distancing etc in order to get to the final connection/relationship that might be waiting for us out there…

I believe in the resonance of higher vibrations that connects one another through divine intertwining. Because, love isn’t there if the divine source says it wouldn’t be.

So, to whomever that comes across my blog, trust me, if you are failing in a relationship, marriage, connection etc, the Creator will never let a void space exist. It will always be filled up with better connection, better relationship or a better marriage.

Everything comes from the heart. And the heart, emotions are the ownership of the divine source, the higher beings, beings of light. And those without pure and good intentions will never achieve true love in their lifetime.

Peace, Love, light and blessings to the readers of my blog.

‘Love is bliss for those with pure intentions.’ – Hasnol