Many thoughts which comes to vain is solely upon having the distinctive feelings towards your suroundings.

And when you reached to the point when neither yes nor a no of your decision would affect your way forward… Then, it is time to move forward. – Hasnol Gegar Vaganza

Eyes from the Soul

I ask through my conscious all of the questions that I need to get answers… But these questions may not be physical questions thrown upon anyone, ‘physically’. I guess, it would rather be questions I posed to myself in order not to devour the state of sanity nor insanity towards others.

I have walked a long way to have come this far, thus, turning back is not a solution… but then again, moving forward too, has it’s consequences.

It’s just that when you have too many things that needs to be done, connotatively speaking… You wil just get drowned in those whispering thoughts… dwelling… not in the past but more of the domino effects that leads you to many opposing thoughts and memoirs… The Good… The bad… The ugly… etc etc etc…

Anywayssss… As we get by to the window of ‘New Resolution’… Heheh… I wouldn’t say ‘New Year’… As one of my friends would have said it and it couldn’t get any clearer then that… ‘EVERYDAY is a NEW YEAR!’, and it should be that way… You have and should be having resolutions everyday to better yourselves… to better your surroundings… to better your quality of living and so forth and so forth. Been awhile though that I last blogged and perhaps, this year… I shall be blogging every now and then. Just annotations of my life and the life of whom I find it interesting to be featured inside this little blog space. Meanwhile… Should you have anything to pass on to me, I would be more then glad to be sharing it with you… and for you to share it on this little blog space.

Till then…

Eyes from the Soul

✌ and much ❤
Wahuwa ma’akum ainama kuntum.