Not saying on behalf… but more of making constitutional values in my point of view in the current era. Life in the digital era seems very… easy I would say. Everything is at the tips of the fingers. We have gone through a very short period of time in development, whether it’s the country, or individually per se.   The buildings, the smart homes, transports (referring to PROTON), smart phones, kitchen equipments, audios and visual equipments… are among those which has transformed so much that the much younger generation has evolved since 50 years ago.   Those who were born in the late 60’s and early 70’s would find this true… We were born in the era of Technology transformation. Making all seemed so.. extremely hard for some to accept. But for those who are so into gadgets and techs, am sure they are keeping abreast on the technology. Coming to this, I just wanted to share the ups and the downsides of having all this digital technology to surround us. Just to give you a bit of information, I have worked with the esteemed agency which falls under MOSTI, CyberSecurity not long ago and my task were to develop conscious into the minds of thousands of the young ones of this era. Giving talks and seminars about the dangers of Internet so forth.   Asked many students of Primary schools and more then 90% has facebook, twitter and many other social network accounts. An alarming numbers actually though it’s supposed to be good. Many of their parents are not as digitally inclined as they are and perhaps are even afraid of the keyboards. To ensure that Digital Techs are made to full use and not abused, we must…   1) Adhere to certain Cyber rules which are already claused in the Multimedia Commission Malaysia. 2) Ascertain the usage of your Social Internet tools. 3) Self-Discipline.   And many more actually here,   Anyway, this would be the start off for me to write more on Social Internet Medias dangers and such.