Certainly doesn’t seemed to be enough time to finish everything but I saw progress from every CORNER.

Malaysia has gone through some tremendous changes in TOP level leadership in some departments and so does The US of A. So, it should be the rest of the global issues too… Mind you, Oil price has dropped to below the mark now and making slow progress of shrinking down. And at the same time, the Global Economy has shrunked down to a deficit standing making BIG giants truly look like Minnie Mouse running around in "Hot Pants"!

As for Coroporate Giants, I could see more shrinking and downsizing all over the world. In US itself, the Automotive Industry has been HIT pretty HARD and Bail-Outs or RESCUES are intensed to help re-generate the Economic statistics.

Malaysia however, despite it’s NON-dependencies to US market is indirectly HIT because of the Economic VACUUM created by the US of A’s Inflation and recession. Get ready for a QUICK Blow to the FACE during the 1st half of the year in 2009. But, I guess, it wouldn’t be that hard for some to maintain posture in 2009, huh….? Offshore account… anyone…?

Politically speaking, Malaysians has progressed to an UNDERSTANDING where "There’s More Then Meets The Eye"! (I LOVE it when Optimus Prime says that towards The End of the Movie, TRANSFORMERS). Changes are inevitable towards mundane situations and it would take gratifying moments to fully convert the MINDS of millions of THE IMPORTANCE of changes that will PROGRESS into NEW DEVELOPMENT instead of being STUCKED MONOTONOUSLY in the SAME Ol’ SAME Ol’ situation.

By PROGRESSING and EMBRACING changes, automatically, there would be SELF-Realization, SELF-Understanding, SELF-Empowerment… and most of all, being TRUE to ONEself’s dreams.

The FUTURE generation STARTS here… with YOU and ME being the RESULT of those changes. The Degree of collapsible Collacteral damage can be easily seen as explosions of buildings as and when these NEW Technological MINDS gets ready to DOMINATE the OLD Methodolgies. So… the older generations… Are you ready to accept the FACTs that CHANGES and PROGRESS is inevitable??? Or do you still prefer to LIVE in the CORPSE’s Shell and wait to ROT?

Till the next posting… c ya in 2009 and GOODBYE 2008!!

Quote of the Day:
Justice consists in doing no injury to men; decency in giving them no offense.
–Marcus Tullius Cicero