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It’s not that hard to translate a ‘scheming’ job or a ‘perpendicular’  conspiracy…

Life is just that! Either you ‘Make’ or your ‘Break’. It’s not our social responsibility to be ‘The Best’ among ‘The Best’… neither are we tied up or bound to the rules and boundaries of ‘Human Capitalism’…



Yes! It’s all about FREEing your mind, countering the ‘Wrongs’ and to make things ‘RIGHT’. But, it all starts within ourselves…, Me… You, and the rest gangbang of the society, or nation if you’d like.

We’re totally strangers towards ourselves, in and among us, but that does not precipitate us from being disowned from our beloved mother-country. That’s why, I, tonight, promise myself that ‘ONE-VOTE’ would make a whole world of difference to the benefit of the ‘Whole’ Nation.

It starts with me…

It has been too long… FAR too long that we have discard the true values of a "LEADERSHIP" in our Motherland.

  • What is FREEdom?
  • How does it feel to be in a state of FREEdom?
  • Why FREEdom is essential to the Nation and It’s society?
  • Where do we seek FREEdom? Our own land? Singapore? Australia…?… The US of A???
  • When will we get to feel REAL FREEdom?

In this desperation and confused times, most of us would feel the pressure from the ‘RISE’ of fuel price, the ‘RISE’ of kitchen and household items… and MANY, MANY more…

What’s the BEST of the BEST options that we have now?




What’s next?

I am still wondering? What would it take to move a mountain? Probably it is true…. It Is The End Of Time… The End of Days… It Is The End…

And to YOU, I submit… if the time is near… so be it… Let The Truth Unfold as and when it is nearing to it’s calling…

Quote of the Day:
A civilization is built on what is required of men, not on that which is provided for them.
–Antoine de Saint-Exupéry